PLA Fees

Financial Advantage

One of the advantages of prior learning credit is to make the completion of a college degree more affordable for people who have college-level learning acquired through workplace training and other life experiences. The savings are particularly advantageous for those who submit their requests for preapproved prior learning credit at the time they submit the application for admission. A flat fee of $350. covers the awarding of credit for as many of the preapproved options as apply to your background (within the maximum of 30 credits allowed for the associate degree and 60 credits for the bachelor’s degree).

Fees for Testing & Portfolio Evaluation

In addition to preapproved sources of credit, Granite State College provides standardized testing and portfolio options.  Current CLEP and DSST fees can be found by clicking on the following link: Tuition & Fees.  Experiential learning portfolios are developed in a four-credit course; this option carries no portfolio evaluation fees in addition to tuition, as long as the requests for credit are submitted within one year after completion of the portfolio course.

PLA Fee Overview

Granite State College bases its PLA fee structure on sources of learning that have been evaluated by an external organization, such as the American Council on Education (ACE) or the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), and sources of learning that GSC has evaluated in-house.

Using Financial Aid for PLA Fees

Students may utilize any remaining federal financial aid loan eligibility for this school-related expense. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to complete an Award Revision Request form:

Financial Aid Office

Granite State College

25 Hall Street

Concord, NH  03301

Phone: (603) 513-1392

Fax: (603) 513-1386