Faculty Guidelines: Unique ILCs

Dear Faculty Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Individualized Learning program! Unique Independent Learning Contracts at Granite State College are used primarily by Individualized Studies majors to explore highly-specialized content or an interdisciplinary approach to key concepts in a particular area of study.  I’ve provided some basic guidelines for mentoring a unique Independent Learning Contract below, but please feel free to give me a call at 603-822-5416 if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Liz Gauffreau, Director of Liberal Arts Programs

Student’s Proposal

The student you have been asked to mentor has developed learning goals from a series of prompts designed to help him or her articulate an area of academic inquiry, including the academic discipline and the level.  This proposal also includes the student’s preferences for types of assignments and due date structure, as well as personal benchmarks for success.  Your role as faculty mentor will be to develop a set of formal learning outcomes from the student’s learning goals and create a syllabus from the template below. During the term, you will evaluate the student’s assignments and provide feedback and guidance at key check-in points, depending on the nature of the content.

Unique ILC Guidelines

Please click on Unique ILC Guidelines from the Select a Set of Guidelines menu above, and take a few moments to review the guidelines, which were provided to the student to help him or her articulate an area of inquiry to explore with an Independent Learning Contract.

ILC Syllabus

If you agree to serve as mentor to guide the student’s academic inquiry, please use the template below to develop a syllabus with the learning outcomes based on the student’s personal learning goals and the customary syllabus components.



A communication plan will also be an important part of the syllabus. Please be sure to describe expectations for communication (e.g., “weekly e-mails by Tuesday at 5pm from student to faculty”).  If meeting in person, list scheduled dates, times, and location. If you plan to meet at a GSC center, please complete the Meeting Room Request Form to reserve a room: http://my.granite.edu/node/2. (In-person meetings are not required.)

Moodle Course Shell

A Moodle course shell will be created automatically by the registration system for you and the student to use to manage the learning contract activities and resources. Posting the syllabus in Moodle and using the Moodle gradebook for submission and grading of assignments are required.

GSC Progress Reporting

A few weeks into the term, you can expect to receive an e-mail requesting that you report an estimated grade for your ILC student(s) and indicate any who are “at risk” because they are performing poorly, not participating, etc. This is the same reporting required of GSC faculty teaching in other course delivery formats. Our student support teams follow up with those students reported as “at-risk” before the official withdrawal date for the term to help minimize the academic and financial consequences of an unsuccessful term.  This follow-up is particularly important for a student at risk of failing an Independent Learning Contract. The notification e-mail you receive will include instructions for completing the progress reporting process in WebROCK. You can also find them in the GSC Faculty Center: https://faculty.granite.edu/student-progress-reporting.

Submitting Grades

Submission of grades for Independent Learning Contracts follows the same term schedule and process as classroom and online courses. You can find grading guidelines and submission procedures in the GSC Faculty Center: