Proposal for Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies

The Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies

The Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies is the culmination of your self-directed learning major at Granite State College. As such, it takes the form of an Independent Learning Contract. Just as you developed personal learning goals for the major you proposed in CRIT 502 Conducting Critical Inquiry, you will develop personal learning goals for your Integrative Capstone.  With the guidance of a faculty expert, you will examine your personal goals in the larger context of your chosen area of study.  To ensure the full integration of your learning from the major with current research or scholarship in the field, you must have completed all of the other courses in the major prior to undertaking the Integrative Capstone. If, at any point after you have submitted your ILC request form, you need to cancel your request, please submit a Cancel ILC Request form.

Step 1: Proposal Development 

1. Review the Individualized Studies Capstone Proposal Guidelines, which you can find under “Select a Set of Guidelines” on the main navigation menu above.

2. Following the prompts in the guidelines, develop a proposal for your Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies in a Word document.

3. Complete the request form at the bottom of this page to request your Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies and attach your proposal file.

4. You can expect a response to your proposal within 48 hours.


Term Milestone Dates for Proposal Development & Approval:


Fall ’18: July 16 – July 30

Winter ’19: October 30 – November 26

Spring ’19: January 30 – February 25

Summer ’19: May 1 – 27

Step 2: Faculty Mentor Notification

Faculty mentors will be hired the week after the proposal submission deadline; at that time, you will receive notification of the faculty member assigned to mentor your ILC.  To ensure a good communication flow, please e-mail your assigned mentor as soon as possible. Your faculty mentor will help you refine your proposal from the perspective of a content expert in the academic discipline. In addition, your faculty mentor will provide the framework for your Independent Learning Contract by developing assignments, due dates, grading criteria, and a communication plan, taking into consideration your preferences for managing your ILC.


Term Milestone Dates for Faculty Mentor Notification:


Fall ’18: Week of August 13

Winter ’19: Week of December 10

Spring ’19: Week of March 11

Summer ’19: Week of June 10

Step 3: ILC Registration & Moodle Course Creation

The Registrar’s Office will create your ILC course record in the student database and register you for the ILC. You can expect to receive an e-mailed confirmation of the registration about a week prior to the start of the term. A Moodle course will also be created for your ILC at this time, where your faculty mentor will post the ILC syllabus and grade your assignments.


Term Milestone Dates for ILC Registration & Moodle Course Creation:


Fall ’18: Week of September 3

Winter ’19: Week of December 17

Spring ’19: Week of March 18

Summer ’19: Week of June 17


Individualized Studies Capstone Request Form (v2)

Use this form to request an Independent Learning Contract for the Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies.
  • Enter your 9-digit GSC student ID.
  • Please enter your Go.Granite email. For information about Go.Granite email accounts, please copy-and-paste the following URL into your browser:
  • From the drop-down list below, please select the Granite State College campus where you receive academic advising and/or take courses.
  • We are asking for this information because GSC must make sure that your integrative capstone conforms to that state’s regulations.
  • From the drop-down list below, please select the name of your academic advisor.
  • Please select the term in which you wish to enroll in your Integrative Capstone in Individualized Studies.
  • Enter your course request as [Prefix for Primary Area of Focus] 670A Integrative Capstone in [Title of Individualized Studies Major], for example, HIS 670A Integrative Capstone in New England History.
  • Please attach your integrative capstone proposal document.