Practicums & Internships


Practicum Courses

At GSC, a practicum is a lower-level field experience intended for students who have taken some of the foundational courses in their major and are at a point where they are interested in exploring related career fields.  Practicum activities normally include job shadowing, observations, and informational interviews at the host site. Practicum course proposals are submitted through Field-Based Learning at GSC. The following practicum courses are available:

  • BEHS 540 Practicum in Behavioral Science;
  • HLTC 540 Practicum in Health Care;
  • INST 540 Practicum in Education & Training;
  • MGMT 540 Practicum in Management.
Internship Courses   

At GSC, an internship is an upper-level field experience intended for students who have taken upper-level courses in their major and would like an opportunity to apply theory to related practice in a real-world setting. Internship activities are often determined by the internship host site; they could include supervised work with clients, compiling and reviewing data, or contributing to a project. Internship course proposals are submitted through Field-Based Learning at GSC. The following internship courses are available:

  • BEHS 640 Internship in Behavioral Science;
  • HLTC 640 Internship or Project in Health Care/Human Services/Wellness;
  • INST 640 Internship in Education & Training;
  • MGMT 640 Internship in Management.

Note for Students in a Educator Preparation Program: Field experiences for students in GSC teacher preparation programs go through the School of Education and follow a different process than field experiences for other majors. Please refer to the SOE Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Handbook for additional information.

 Students interested in any level of field experience may contact the Experiential Learning Manager in Academic Affairs.

ALSO Prior to participating all students are required to submit to the Experiential Learning Manager a completed field-based-l-gsc-student-riskassumptionliability-release2016

 To Find a Host Partner Site

GSC’s primary resource for finding Host Partner sites is College Central Network.  Directions for navigating College Central are at Field-Based Learning at GSC.

Another good place to start for students in the New Hampshire area is the New Hampshire Department of Labor’s list of approved host sites:  Other states’ Department of Labor sites may provide similar listings. Another source for potential internships is Additional internship opportunities can be found on MyGranite:

Please keep in mind that the host site for a practicum or an internship may be your regular place of employment ONLY WHEN THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE IS VALIDATED AS SEPARATE AND DISTINCT from your stated job description and schedule.

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